• Team size

    Team and communication are not always easy, especially not team size and it’s communication. A bigger team makes the communication more complex. The overhead of communication between developers, designers and managers in a team can be overwhelming.

    For each person you add to a team, there will be more communication routes, making it all more difficult for your team.

    How many should you be in a team?

    My simple answer to that is; not too many. Some people say three, some draw the line at 15 people in a team.

    Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has his own two-pizza team rule. My experience says it’s getting complicated above a size of five.

    Lots of people do not solve the problems faster, avoid throwing more people at problems.

  • Back to blogging?

    It’s so hard. I started building a new theme, made a content calendar. I made plans. Three weeks in I still haven’t get started publicly. I became tired of myself and did a rethinking.

    Start small, start now. To start small is much better than start big and therefore later. You don’t have to start perfect.

  • Dreams and execution

    My flight was delayed today which gave me time to spend on old notes. Came over some word that makes sense. Guess it’s a quote but can’t find it elsewhere.

    Dreams don’t pay the bills. Execution does. Either you’re producing or you’re pretending.

    Great words that match with my mentality on how to tackle problems/goals/dreams and move forward.

    Go, start do something.

  • Do what you can't

    The days you get a sneaking feeling that you can’t, you’re too old, too young, it’s too late or someone tells you that you can’t.

    In those moments you can watch this video. I love it, it’s so inspiring.

    It is possible. Start doing things “you can’t”. It is extremely rewarding. You enriches your soul, your life and gain experience that will take you into situations and opportunities you never knew existed.

    A video that gives that extra boost.

  • Who is stopping you

    I have always taken big decisions much based on my gut feeling and personal experience. I’m not much to ask others for advice or tips, which is probably both good and bad.

    If you get an advice, try to evaluate the advice you are given. Not all advice is equally as good or bad for everyone.

    Trust your gut.

    You can do more than you think, you just had to have courage. There is no perfect timing for big or drastic decisions. You just have to take the plunge and decide to do it.

    You can do more than you think and it’s never too late.

    Far too many people go around and think too much about what others will think, or are afraid to be outside the norm of what is normal in their age, in their situation. Says who? Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy, or do things just because others happens to do the same. You are you. Do what you like doing.

    Take the plunge, do things you don’t dare. It’s refreshing! You will feel more alive than ever. You can! You want to, you dare to.

    Who’s stopping you?

  • No to yourself

    It’s easy to say yes, isn’t it?

    A yes-can-do mentality is something I value highly. You can do more than you think and you can say yes to things and find a solution later. It’s doable.

    I have learned a lot thanks to this approach.

    But be careful and mindful. When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.

  • Running and headphones

    Since my first year as a runner, I have never used headphones and I recommend trying to run without your ears plugged in. Here’s why.

    You will notice more.

    By focusing on the way you feel in your surroundings, you can better see the sights and hear the sounds of life around you.

    Hear nature, listen to your body, think freely

    You should give it a chance.

  • Personal R&D

    Amazon spends $16.1 billion on research and development.

    With the significant amount of money, Amazon beat out the previous leader, Volkswagen, to become the world’s leading research and development company.

    In the top five in the world, all are tech companies. Led by Amazon, Alphabet (previously known as Google), Intel, Microsoft and Apple.

    This makes me think of personal research and development. To invest in yourself. How important that is.

    Invest in your personal skills and dedicate a certain amount of resources to try new things.

    Spend five minutes of your day and think about what you can improve. What would you invest in your personal skills to enrich your life and open possibilities.

  • Idols

    I rarely watch TV but I’m watching Idols, the reality show and singing competition. The reason why is the following.

    Courage and growth.

    It is amazing to see how people progress. They grow from a little habit in the closet to something big among thousands, sometimes millions of viewers.

    That if something requires courage to fail. And if you dare to fail, you can win.

    Ask Kelly Clarkson.

  • When you are tired, run

    Note to self. Today I have been tired all day, after a long day in town I came home tired, very tired, but had nevertheless decided to go for a run. So I put on my running shoes and went for a run and now, afterward, it feels really good and I am more alert.

    So when you are tired, run. Get out and breathe fresh air. Go for a walk, move your body.

    Run, walk, breathe, get outside. It’s healthy, it will help you be more creative and will help you be more productive. You will have more energy afterward if you run, walk or in some way move your body outdoors. Just do.

  • Just one click

    A quick note on the future of e-commerce.

    This month, September 12, a patent that helped Amazon take over online commerce will expire. Amazon have had their 1-Click patent for 20 years but this year it expires. This will change e-commerce forever.

    Will be really interesting to see what happens with one-click payments online.

    More reading

  • List of lessons


    Some of my learnings during my years as an entrepreneur.

    List of lessons

    • Full freedom, total responsibility – which means that you solve everything you need to do
    • There will be a time without any assignment/cash
    • Deliver more than you promise
    • Find a getaway, you can’t work around the clock, even if it’s “your hobby”
    • It will always be too much or too little work, the perfect balance doesn’t exist
    • Be humble but proud of what you do
    • Learn to estimate your time
    • The perfect opportunity to start is now, not tomorrow
    • Running a company is not glamorous
    • Be the best at what you are passionate about and do what you are passionate about

    Dare, risk, win!

    Photo by Llywelyn Nys on Unsplash.

  • Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur – to execute and implement

    I have been running companies for quite a few years now but have never used the word entrepreneur to describe myself. Never thought it suited me, or rather, not associated myself with others who described themselves as entrepreneurs.

    It is a somewhat distorted concept. At the same time, I have not found another good descriptive term that fits.

    The word entrepreneur appeared in a French dictionary already in the 1400s and means to implement. A word I can really associate with and does not feel so banal.

    That’s how I learned everything I can after my first company registration.

    Work and learn driven by interest, be curious, test, execute and learn from what you do along the way.

    What worked, what did not work.


  • Embrace the action habit

    Thinking and planning are important.

    Acting is even more crucial.

    This is where I embrace the action habit.

  • Requires zero talent

    Zero talent

    • Be on time
    • Work hard
    • Attitude
    • Energy
    • Passion
    • Be open to learning (flexible mind)
    • Appreciation
    • Body language
    • Do that little extra
    • Positive words to others and yourself

  • Andy – viral twice online

    Andy Boyle has written an inspiring blog post about what he learned from not drinking alcohol for two years. This time Andy writes about how his articles have become viral twice, on both ends of the emotional spectrum – hate and love.

    Here’s what you don’t know about going viral: Afterwards, you’re the same guy. I still have a regular job. I still have plenty of problems. I still had to clean up after my cat pooped in the tub last night.

    But going viral can inspire you to work on yourself IRL, as it did for me especially the first time around.

    Read The True Story of How I Went Viral – twice →

  • My company Push Forward becomes a part of Infunnel

    Exciting things are happening! After 7 years, I will no longer run my own business, Push Forward AB becomes a part of Infunnel.

    I comment on the merger of the companies in our press release:

    Our goal has always been to deliver high quality web solutions that drive our customers sales. Now we get even more opportunities to get there. Infunnel have the right mindset, and together we will deliver the best solutions in the industry, both from a technical and business perspective.

    Read the press release (in Swedish) →

  • Dilbert, Charlie Chaplin and developer happiness

    What have Dilbert and Charlie Chaplin in common in terms of company culture and developers? Chad Dickerson, former CTO, now CEO at Etsy gives a talk about “Developer Happiness” and talks about how Etsy managed to create a prosperous and good company culture where development has a central role.

    Inspiring and worth seeing!

    Also available on Slideshare

  • Carve out more time to think

    This week I have slowed down the work pace which has given me more time to think and reflect. New ideas pop up and I’ve taken a lot of notes.

    I have always had a desire to create and produce but it’s nice to look back on the time elapsed. Get perspective on things I’ve done and think about what you could do differently, what has been bad and what has been done well.

    I will try to create time to think and reflect every week for a while and see what it brings.

    Give myself time to reflect on things every other day, or once a week, and just write down my thoughts. Carve out more time to think.

    Photo cred: Giuseppe Milo

  • Amazon launches a smartphone

    Amazon Firephone

    Amazon Fire Phone, the ultimate buying machine? Who knows, maybe Amazon will be the next big smartphone platform. Exciting news!

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