I don’t like to talk about myself but I do like to read about other bloggers so I do this if you are like-minded.

I’m Jonas, 38 years old and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a hybrid between marketing and tech and a typical learning-by-doing type of person.

My time off business and screens is best spent with family, workouts and friends.

Brief background

I have always been curious, analytical and full of ideas. More practical than theoretical and always interested in technology. In 1995, my family got our first computer and since then I’ve been stuck. Three years later, 1998, I built my first website, a website about South Park if I remember correctly.

I’m fascinated by the Internet and the potential of the web as a channel and want to help as many people as possible to maximize the benefit of the web as a channel.


My career in the field of Internet and marketing started 2006 when I moved to Stockholm. The first two years I worked as a right-hand man within web for an advertising agency. All things related to the web ended up on my table and I loved it. I created ads, built websites, edited videos and built more websites. Two years later I quit my job to work on my own projects. One of my best decisions ever made.

For nine years now I’ve been busy building companies where the web is a big part of the business.

Outside work

Training and, above all, ice hockey was a big part of my youth, hockey is a closed chapter but training is still my main outlet today when I’m not in front of a screen.